A person who backs out on any plan at the last minute.
Girish Nebhwani of Northeastern University, originally from Willemstad, Curacao is a flipper.
by haramibenchut April 14, 2011
A gay person (Male or Female) who manages to "flip" a succintly straight person to homosexuality.

There are usually more female flippers tha male.
Martina Navratilova made a married woman leave her husband for her. She's such a flipper!
by Kokooroo April 13, 2013
Cricketing term describing a particular delivery made by a leg-spin bowler, where the ball skids straight, quickly and flat towards the batsman and wicket, rather than turn as a stock leg-spin delivery would. Usually held in reserve and used sparingly in order to catch the batsman off-guard.
And the batsman was completely deceived by the flipper and has been given out LBW.
by Mike January 26, 2004
The N-Word for a dolphin.
Hey flipper get over here and balance that ball on your nose.
by Teddy Aurora May 04, 2015
A member of the fantasy world of "Lizard of Oz" who is found in the realm of Facebook, who buys a reptile to instantly sell it to someone else.
"Bob is such a flipper, he just traded his snake to Ricky for a frog, to turn around and sell to Larry for a profit."
by TokayGirl January 31, 2015
A girl who will give one guy head, and then, once finished, will be flipped and move on to another.
Adam: Hey have you guys met my mom?
Alex: Yeah dude, she's a flipper.
by Schneider September 18, 2005
When you "accidentally" start to penetrate her brown hole, and she goes "eh-eh, eh-eh" (sounding just like Flipper, the dolphin).
Dude, she was wasted and I thought she would like to try anal, but as soon as I went for it, she did the flipper.
by Jurisdawg March 08, 2013

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