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common slang for an ecstasy pill.
how much did you pay for your flippers last saturday?


i had the best flipper last night
by an-G May 28, 2007
A gay person (Male or Female) who manages to "flip" a succintly straight person to homosexuality.

There are usually more female flippers tha male.
Martina Navratilova made a married woman leave her husband for her. She's such a flipper!
by Kokooroo April 13, 2013
When you "accidentally" start to penetrate her brown hole, and she goes "eh-eh, eh-eh" (sounding just like Flipper, the dolphin).
Dude, she was wasted and I thought she would like to try anal, but as soon as I went for it, she did the flipper.
by Jurisdawg March 08, 2013
The only known derogatory reference to a Filipino. Akin to Chink for Chinese, Nip for Japanese, Spick for Hispanic, Dago for Italian, etc.
The food on Fear Factor is stuff a Flipper would eat on any given Sunday.


What reeks in here? It smells like a Flipper opened a jar of salted shrimp paste.

by iiams September 20, 2005
Cricketing term describing a particular delivery made by a leg-spin bowler, where the ball skids straight, quickly and flat towards the batsman and wicket, rather than turn as a stock leg-spin delivery would. Usually held in reserve and used sparingly in order to catch the batsman off-guard.
And the batsman was completely deceived by the flipper and has been given out LBW.
by Mike January 26, 2004
somebody who was born through two parents who are related (cousin, siblings etc)
eric: can i talk to my cousin alone please?
red; NO, im not having any flipper grandchildren!
by mababa7 April 29, 2011
When a guy cums on his hand, lathers it up on both sides and then slides it down the cleavage of a big titted woman. Once down there, he moves his hand from side to side fairly quickly. If it produces a slushing sound, you know you have done it right
I didnt know what to do with my cum last night and then I remembered the flipper and away I slid!
by Roastmyface September 24, 2009