a group of friends, for some odd reason everybody wants to be around them.
damn i wish i could hang out with the flippers.
by schnicklemuffin March 24, 2011
Originating in Northern California (specifically Stockton), someone who got "flippers" means they can roll a decent blunt or if they call out "flippers" in a group of people who are about to smoke a blunt, they get 2 flip it.
ex. 1: Let Tone twist it he got flippers

ex. 2: person 1: "Flippers!"
person 2: Na mane u flipped it last time
person 1: U shoulda called it
by Dr. Feltersnatch, Gynecologist August 31, 2006
Film with Elijah Wood, as a small boy, before he became an even smaller hobbit.
We call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning...
by Liff July 14, 2004
While gettting a girl from behind you pull your dick out and shove it in her ass. she makes a noise like the dolphin Flipper.
I gave that bitch the flipper and she cried.
by Zach March 08, 2005
There are two definitions:
1. A girl who many guys have been in and out of alot ( like the flipper the doliphin jumpin in and out the water)
2. A girl who duz any one they want to.
1. She needs to take a hot shower cuz she's looser than a flipper.
2. Yea, she's Ms. Pimp... ain't nothin but a flipper.
by Quantice August 14, 2003
this is when you are doing a girl in the vagina and pull out and try to put it in her butt and shes like "EHNT EH." You know, the sound flipper makes that sounds like hes saying "no"
The girl definately did a flipper when i tried to put it in her butt.
by Rob Pibbs April 14, 2004
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