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An individual of Filipino descent that lives in Hawaii and tries to mask their heavy accent with big words that are often out of context.
Flipper 1: oh braddur you going et all ob yerrrrrrr piss?
Flipper 2: aiiiiii sos boy you like some piss, come oberrr here I gib you piss.

Person 1: Hey there Bobby a you going to eat all of that fish?

Person 2: No, I will be more than happy to share my fish with you.
by HitReef August 23, 2006
A dry piece of snot that is dangling out of the nostril, usually hanging onto a nose hair. It flaps in and out of the nostril whenever person breathers through their nose.
Look at the guy talking to Karen, he has a flapper.
by HitReef August 23, 2006

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