Moron's word for MDMA pills.
"Got any flippers' mate, any flippers."
"You Fucken Dickhead"
by Almighty GOD October 30, 2004
A device used to change the channel, volume, ect on your television or any other electrical device.
stop hoggin the flipper brah!
by ssass September 03, 2009
Person who buys limited edtion items at normal price, knowing they will sell out, then immediately turns around and sells them.

Also a person who will get items autographed just to sell them for cash later.

ESPECIALLY: Urban Vinyl toys.

A popular place to sell items is eBay, also know as "the Bay" by KidRobot online forum users.

The act of this is called a flip.
"its signed to gene (me) but you or i can marker it up to make it look unreadable or like something else if you want." - Bay Flipper Gene, in his awesome ebay auction in which he attempts to flip an Acid Dunny that is personalized to him.

Man I heard she a flipper!
You mean she's a ho?
Nah I mean she buys cool toys just to sell em!
What a ho!
No kiddin!
by circuspunk February 02, 2006
A lesbian women who looks/acts like a boy and trys to "flip" straight girls by making them fall for them. Just like some guys dress up like girls and try to pursue guys these girls dress up like guys.
Girl1: "who is that hot Guy over there?"

Girl2: "that's a flipper!"
Girl1: "a what?"
Girl2: "its a girl! Ha man, u just got FLIPPED!"
by twisterofwords March 11, 2010
The offspring of blood relatives concieving a child.
I sure as hell ain't raisin' any flipper grandchildren, you bitches understand
by dylan w March 20, 2008
common slang for an ecstasy pill.
how much did you pay for your flippers last saturday?


i had the best flipper last night
by an-G May 28, 2007
A person who backs out on any plan at the last minute.
Girish Nebhwani of Northeastern University, originally from Willemstad, Curacao is a flipper.
by haramibenchut April 14, 2011
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