flip·per flip-er


1. a courtesan who enlists women into prostitution.
The flipper used her fine jewelry and fancy clothes to help convince the young girl that crime pays -- especially when that crime is prostitution.
by srednas July 07, 2011
A flipper is someone who is sexually active with two or more dudes at the same time.
It's usually called a three-some, but the boys are usually the ones getting pleased by the female.
by Aniyah Wright April 02, 2005
the limb on many fish or aquatic animals that is used to propel them forward, kind of like swimming
by Dude 2000 November 04, 2003
n. A wireless handheld device used to select television stations.
I have flipper anxiety when anyone else has the remote.
by Unamiram December 13, 2007
A person who has part of a hand missing, were the actual nub left looks like a flipper.
"Holy shit Jim, you've got a flipper!"

by j and K May 16, 2006
a group of friends, for some odd reason everybody wants to be around them.
damn i wish i could hang out with the flippers.
by schnicklemuffin March 24, 2011
Originating in Northern California (specifically Stockton), someone who got "flippers" means they can roll a decent blunt or if they call out "flippers" in a group of people who are about to smoke a blunt, they get 2 flip it.
ex. 1: Let Tone twist it he got flippers

ex. 2: person 1: "Flippers!"
person 2: Na mane u flipped it last time
person 1: U shoulda called it
by Dr. Feltersnatch, Gynecologist August 31, 2006

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