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a "reality" tv show that shows how desperate americans are for money.
Fear Factor sucks ass.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e August 04, 2006
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A show that tries to scare you, if you overcome your fear you win $50,000. Stunts usually involve (and are limited to) eating animal organs, something that has to do with getting out of a closed cage underwater (this "cage" can range from an actual cage to a car, but its pretty much the same event), and heights (you have a harness so there really is no fear involved).

The verdict: this show is a pathetic attempt at scaring people and only works on those who are foolish enough to think that dangling 100 feet up in the air WITH A HARNESS is scary. Avoid this show at all costs and spend your evenings doing something more productive.
Idiot - Yo I just watched Fear Factor! This guy had to eat balls, swim, AND run on a platform in the air with flags!

Me - cool?

Idiot - I wish I could eat balls to win $50,000...

Me - omfg you need to
by You can use a pseudonym August 06, 2004
A gay show where a group of lame attention whores do dangerous and stupid shit for money.
Fear Factor is the stupidest live show on television and I hope it gets taken of the air, it sucks so much.
by XioJade July 18, 2006
A summer "reality" series that airs on NBC where contestants compete in dangerous and sometimes digusting stunts for $50,000 that often include eating something sick.
Fear Factor was disgusting and NBC should have pulled it off the air a long time ago.
by krock1dk September 22, 2007
Cool show.The "ONLY" good reality show ever in existence.

It's not scary at all it's just gross and disgusting.

Contestants win hardly anything but have to eat gross ass disgusting shit like bull penises or live bugs or spiders or giant hissing cockroaches and stuff that's alot worse than those.And they also have to perform stunts which ain't as bad as eating all that sick shit.
You pretty much tune in to laugh at the people who are stupid enough to go on this show knowing that they make you eat sick shit like horse rectum and maggots.

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