As Flat as a kippers dick.
That woman has no boobs shes as flat as a kippers dick.
by Steve November 06, 2003
A small apartment, usually owned and operated by a slum-lord.
Let's go back to my flat, and i'll take the skin boat to tuna town.
by Kyle February 12, 2003
Opposite to boobs.
Boris: Don't you think Sarah looks like a boy without padded bra?
Ronaldo: Yeah, but I would totally lick her flats if I could grab her ass while doing it.
by Surinamsman September 08, 2011
someone who can't play music for shit.
take the trumpet off your mouth. you're flat.
by bob the unbuilder April 02, 2007
Flat, known to be having a flatt, paper like chest.. worlds flattest chest has been awarded to A.T. for his/her un-puberty transformed chest..
"flats for life"
"boy am i flat"
"hey that wall is almost as flat as me"
by Markham September 09, 2005
the passing of gas.
Jimmi sure cracked a mean flat.
I've been cracking flats all day.
Bob flatted on Jens thigh.
by Jimmi September 08, 2003
Flat. short for flatulate, or fart. The passing of gas.
Jimmi cracked a mean flat.
I've been cracking flats all day.
by Brad September 08, 2003

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