No, or extremely flat, alm ost non existant boobs.
Dang those cheeleaders obviously completley flat lol
by bobie December 06, 2004
-Without boobies
-Not well endowed
-'A' cup

Chee Wong is flat. I can iron her shirt while it is still on her.
by siDeSwiper66 April 16, 2006
A 'flat' is short for a 'flat bat' (a homosexual)
Elton John is a flat
by Timmy February 18, 2005
a group of three girls with no boobs that look like anorexic sticks
the flats tried to stuff themselves today but it just make them look even more stupid ha ha
by KG76 September 01, 2007
A 'flats' or humuorous misspelling of 'fats' means that someone is 'fat' but used to escape the wrath of so person.
'Flats' should not be sparingly used as it means no harm.
'Flats' also is used in place for an explicit word.
1. 'Shut up, you flats!'
2. 'Ahh, your such a flats!'
3. 'Shut the flats up!'
by Shaqman February 20, 2007
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