1. What is a "Flamer"?

Flamers are a group of people on the web that go on sites*i shall be using youtube as a example* and totaly bashing other peoples beliefs,oppenions,idea, and pretty much everything there is to bash.

2. The gender of a Flamer.

Though most flamers are mostly boys there are a few that are girls. But usualy you cant tell because their screen name will most likely just be random numbers and cuss words in 1337. Do to this some people refer to Flamers as a "it".

3.The age of a Flamer.

Well although they cuss a hell alot*see below* some flamers are acualy under 13. One personal experience i had on youtube was this one dude left an ugly reply to my comment. Well since I honestly didnt give a crap I didnt realy bother with it but then something caught my eye. When i was passing through his channel*which i always do when sum1 is being a jack off*i saw this video titled "My shiny teeth". It was a video of him showing his teeth and he was only a kid! He didnt even look 13 he looked 10 or sumthing im pretty sure this kid just learned cuss words. So always remember when u meet a flamer always take time to look at there channel and see if they are a little child. I dont know if it would help u but it sure is hella funny

4. What is a Flamers tounge(language)

A flamer usually just types cuss words in every sentence.They probaly think it makes them cool but I dont know they have a very complicated mind. Amatter of fact I estimated that about 70% of flamers *that ive came in contact with* cuss in every sentence. Here is an exaple...

emeraldeyedshark: If it sucked so bad why did you watch it?


this my friends is a Flamer
by emeraldeyedshark September 22, 2008
Those who purposely stalk new users to a Forum or Posting Website to insult them; Uses the rules/guidelines as an excuse for insulting others.
New User: "Hey does anyone watch Naruto?"

Flamers: "That show sucks, and this is the wrong board for that topic noob. Read the Forum Guidelines."
by AdventCrossXII September 26, 2008
1. Very obvious homosexual.
2. Internet debaters (retards).
1. Every character in Top Gun.
2. Flamers likes to make no sense in their arguments.
by Cindermints January 22, 2009
Someone who makes nasty comments on a story on Fanfiction.net. For example, a Robin/Starfire shipper
My story got flamed! It must have been a Robin/Starfire shipper, they are such flamers.
by Sam325 June 21, 2007
a flaming homosexual, usually a whiteboy who dresses in preppy clothing, and refuses to listen to people tellin them they r as gay as the queer folk on 'queer eye for the straight guy'.
WOW! that guy over there is such a flamer!
by Andrea;) May 31, 2004
1. A outgoing and obvious homosexual.

2. Someone who expresses his open love to a women on Facebook statuses.

3. A man in his early and mid teen years whose only friends are girls and rollerblades with them.
Barry: Dude that kid rollerblading with those girls in the rainbow shirt is a Flamer.

Antione: Yea all of his statuses on Facebook are about love.
by Flank Sperlong October 01, 2011
usually referring to a gay man
look at the flamer over there.
by thung wung July 05, 2011
A word used in history to direct a insult at a gay person for the choice they made in their sexuality.

It is now presently used for a person who is so outright loud, obnoxious, idiotic, controversial, disgraceful, pathetic, freakish, drama played, clueless, drag fairy, premature ejaculation, that uses being gay as a crutch to get close to the apposite sex as a "pity party manner" in certain situations.

That even gays are disgusted by such atrocity walking around on the planet.. giving them a bad reputation.

Chris Crocker is one of the worlds biggest Flamer..
by Helloagainmynameissir July 23, 2010

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