People who start threads about Prince performing during the Super Bowl Halftime show; a homosexual.
That fucking flamer called me a flamer? He's the one who started a thread about Prince performing during the Super Bowl Halftime Show!
by Korpiklaani February 05, 2007
A person who likes Toxic Flames. Just like a person who likes Justin Bieber is a 'Belieber' or someone who likes One Direction is a 'Directioner'.
Person-1: "Omg I saw Toxic Flames live!"
Person-2: "Wow, you're such a Flamer."
by ToxicFlamer69 May 03, 2013
A Calgary Flames fan!

NL Hockey Team in Calgary Alberta Canada
I love the flames - I'm a flamer!!
by 89Jessica89 December 29, 2007
people that smoke weed a lot
im a flamer
by mofo_wolf December 02, 2010
Flamers are people who are gay and only try to hide it around their school friends. With their other friends from other places they tend to be verrry flamboyant and they draw attention to themselves. (They aren't afraid about their orientation)
--See Andrew B.
"Look at that queer, hes so loud and obnoctious and obviously gay, what a flamer!"
by Sperreng October 26, 2008
an extemely gay person who loves men
kyle schultz is a major flamer
by dssdfa June 03, 2005
gay dude who flaunts it
Ben Schwartz
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
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