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A severe condition, usually prominent in Republicans and most of American culture, leading one to:
- innacurately use bible quotings for the justification of killing homosexuals
- restrict the rights of millions
- hide in their rooms crying if they looked at the nude body of one of the same gender and did not vomit
- insessantly call things "Gay"
My mom won't let me go out for the big ethnicity-bashing because of my cerfew! That is so GAY!
by =^..^= February 20, 2005
a misspelling of "Abercrombie and Fitch" that about 20 people have not realised yet.
AbercRombie and Fitch
by =^..^= February 21, 2005
Non-vaginal male-female or male-male intercourse of any type.
no elaboration necessary o_O
by =^..^= February 20, 2005
a small, salty, usually crunchy baked piece of.. pretzel.
Comes in an infinite amount of shapes to guarantee you'll buy them.
It is said they originated from a priest who made them to reward children for saying prayers correctly.
They attempted to rise up and assasinate our dictator, Dubya, but sadly they failed and we'll all die.
Oh, and some are covered in chocolate too.
-I ate a pretzel.
-pretzels are nice
by =^..^= December 05, 2004
The dark hole in which one can buy jingling pants for too much.
However, also home to at least five witty tees.
"look at my massive, jingling bondage pants! I got them at Hot Topic for only $80!!"
by =^..^= February 20, 2005
1. generally the royal daughter of a king/queen/etc
2. a handy term for certain distasted closet cases, more useful if their last name is something along the line of "king"
"did michael trip you?"
"yes, but I've got something in store for The Princess later.."
*malicious grin*
by =^..^= December 05, 2004
A word used to express the sentiments of calling someone a 'retard' by one who also feels the need to swear at the same time.
Unsurprisingly, the people most likely to use this word are also the people most accurately described by it.
joo R such a FUCKTARD!!!!!!11!!1!
by =^..^= December 05, 2004

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