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1. A flamboyant homosexual.

2. A person who deliberately makes inflammitory or slanderous posts on internet message boards for the purpose of starting a flame war.
1. That one dude from Will & Grace.

2. The forum member's tendancy to insult and pick fights with other users earned him a reputation as a flamer.
by Deejster June 04, 2005
Those who purposely stalk new users to a Forum or Posting Website to insult them; Uses the rules/guidelines as an excuse for insulting others.
New User: "Hey does anyone watch Naruto?"

Flamers: "That show sucks, and this is the wrong board for that topic noob. Read the Forum Guidelines."
by AdventCrossXII September 26, 2008
a flaming homosexual, usually a whiteboy who dresses in preppy clothing, and refuses to listen to people tellin them they r as gay as the queer folk on 'queer eye for the straight guy'.
WOW! that guy over there is such a flamer!
by Andrea;) May 31, 2004
1.a guy who takes it up the butt until his asshole is red and flaming like he got rugburn.

2.applies to guys that flap their wings and say "tweet tweet" everywhere they go

3.a guy that wakes you up when you're passed out drunk with a bj

4.a guy that likes to moan your name while literally "hanging out" and likes for you to cum on his back

5.a fat chick with a beard that cheerleads at flanagan

6.a guy that works at muvico and likes to rollerblade everywhere

7.a guy that drives a gay yellow pickup truck
1. jeremy is such a flamer that his flaming butt radiates heat

2. jonathan is such a flamer that he fingers his butt

3. josh is such a flamer that he likes to get a train ran on him
by tweet tweet January 29, 2010
1. Very obvious homosexual.
2. Internet debaters (retards).
1. Every character in Top Gun.
2. Flamers likes to make no sense in their arguments.
by Cindermints January 22, 2009
Someone who makes nasty comments on a story on Fanfiction.net. For example, a Robin/Starfire shipper
My story got flamed! It must have been a Robin/Starfire shipper, they are such flamers.
by Sam325 June 21, 2007
1. A outgoing and obvious homosexual.

2. Someone who expresses his open love to a women on Facebook statuses.

3. A man in his early and mid teen years whose only friends are girls and rollerblades with them.
Barry: Dude that kid rollerblading with those girls in the rainbow shirt is a Flamer.

Antione: Yea all of his statuses on Facebook are about love.
by Flank Sperlong October 01, 2011
usually referring to a gay man
look at the flamer over there.
by thung wung July 05, 2011