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A Wendy's five piece chicken nuggets.
I hit up the 99 cent menu for a five piece and a jb cheese.
by abitbiz.com May 13, 2004
An amount of drugs worth five dollars.
Im short on cash, can you jsut chop me a five piece.
by noguy March 02, 2005
When a nigga acting up, you gotta give him that five piece ( closed fist to mouth)
" Rihanna got out of line, so Chris breezy had to give her dat five piece."

"Keyshawn was being a fuck boy, so rich homie Daqaun from the trap gave him dat five piece."
by jayjayiceclit July 09, 2014
To strike with closed fist.
"If you don't shut your ho ass up, yuz gonna get a five piece in your mouth"
by jim November 21, 2004