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A word used along with a gesture to show how something is done.

My dad Ray used to use this word the whole time we were growing up to show EXACTLY what he meant. (He'd draw pretty good pictures, too.)
If I were to open the refrigerator and stand in front of the open door, THUSLY, I would be air conditioning the entire town of Santa Monica, now wouldn't I? Close the door, FOOL!
by Cherie Nelson May 21, 2005
A word used by morons who think they are amazing at the English language not realising that the word "thus" would suffice in the context they are referring to.
I am not very good at the English language thusly suggesting I should go and read a grammar book.
by EnglishLanguage101 April 03, 2011
To prescribe the manner in which something is to be done.
It is not a synonym for thus, which forms part of a logical syllogism.
I want you to dress thusly:

First put on your black tights and then your silver leotard.
by Fed up with pretentiousness July 09, 2012
a logical deduction of, a conclusion derived from, which results in
that made no sense and is thusly a stupid comment.
he hit the field mouse again and thusly was turned into a goon.
by Kommando May 18, 2003
A single word used for a complete sentence. Usually to express an agreement. When stated one moves his or her head up and down repeatably.
Mohamed- "Dude, Mr. Dunlop runs like a mentally disabled dinosaur."

Archie- "Thusly."

Mohamed- "Indubitably."

Archie- "Indeed."

Both- *creepy*
by Archie Hughes May 19, 2005
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