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Larger than average. Most typically applied to a Jack & Coke at the pub.
Greetings barkeep. I shall have a Jack & Coke...and Keelan-size that.
by abitbiz.com May 13, 2004
Exercise involving the penis.
I haven't been getting much penersize lately, so my penis is getting a bit of a gut.
Grab me that weight and some rope so I can do my penersizes.
by abitbiz.com May 13, 2004
(1) A foot that is larger than its counterpart(s) due to genetics, a medical condition, or an injury.

(2) A foot that is encumbered by large, clunky footwear (usually a cast, prescription shoe, or woman's platform shoe.)

Inspired by the "Frankenstein" monster of popular folklore.
(1) Her grotesque frankenfoot frequently became caught in elevator doors, but was a formidable weapon on the soccer field.

(2) Jessica longed to be rid of the frankenfoot her ankle injury had bestowed upon her.
by abitbiz.com July 19, 2004
A testicle that hangs lower than its brother. In the case of the Krukker, the only testicle not made of rubber.
Ow! I just sat on my power nut.
Ted's friends laughed as his power nut grew dangerously close to Bob's sleeping face.
by abitbiz.com May 13, 2004
A college major completely self-defined by the student, to be completed in no less than ten years, and not to exceed the undergraduate level. Classes are to be completely free (paid for by university employment), and to be taken at irregular intervals. May include free overseas trips, a.k.a. "study abroad."
Keelan is still working on his Keelan Major
by abitbiz.com June 14, 2004
A Wendy's five piece chicken nuggets.
I hit up the 99 cent menu for a five piece and a jb cheese.
by abitbiz.com May 13, 2004
Someone who is constantly correcting others. Specifically, Jason from the Walk of Shame Morning Show.
Captain Correcto! (dum-da-dummm)
Thanks a lot, Captain Correcto.
by abitbiz.com May 13, 2004
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