Girls that are apart of the Facebook group called "Boston Directioners" These girls are literally legends, they've gotten shout outs from; Lily Halpern, One Direction US and even Liam Payne from One Direction. If you're a fittie you're one of the most attractive people that has ever existed. If the boys of One Direction met you they would go into cardiac arrest. Everyone wants to either be a fittie or know one. Fitties dominate the world of One Direction. They consider each other sisters rather than just directioners. Every fittie has a best friend. #fitties4lyfe

and there's Kyle too.
Person #1: Did you see that girl over there, she's hot.
Person #2: Dude, that's because she's one of the fitties.
Person #1: WHOA a fittie?!
Person #2: Oh yeah *takes shirt off because so attracted to fittie*
Person #1: I see Kyle *fangirls*
by The Fittie Momma May 14, 2012
Fat titties, or tits that are able to perfectly fit in your mouth.
That bitch got the nicest set of Fitties I ever done saw.
by Freddifuckup December 27, 2014
When something performs at 50% resulting in them only doing half of what was expected of them.
Today when I was getting lunch in a drive through I ordered a burger, fries, and a drink. After paying and pulling up to get my meal. I opened the bag to find out I did not get my fries, which meant I had just received a fitty from the drive through.
by Sportsman817 August 07, 2012
1. Fat titties
2. A group on facebook that are perfect in everyway.
3. A Family
1. Daaaamn son, yo chick has some FITTIES
2. I love my fitties so much xoxooxox kees
3. Fitties are the best.
by fittiesarenotfattitties May 06, 2012
fat- tits..... tits that are big only because the girl is fat
Ken- " yo jenny's got huge tits!
mike-" nah bro those are just fitties, bitch is huge!
by candosh October 18, 2008
derived from the word bitty , a fitty is a good looking or " fit" girl ( bitty) . it is used when you are simply to cool to say fit and bitty one at a time.
Julian : yo look at that bitty , man she is so fit

Rory: yeah man she's a fitty
Julian: fitty ? whats that?
Rory: oh right i forgot that your not cool , my bad , but yeah sorry a fitty is a fit bitty .
Julian: oh alright :) cool
by thebushponder February 04, 2011
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