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something you don't do because you spend too much time on the internet.
dude 1: hey, maybe we should go like exercise or something.

dude 2: fuck that, i'm having a dandy enough time right here on the internets.

dude 1: word
by Saack August 09, 2008
360 68
Doing shit in the gym.
The monkey was doing exercise in her cage.
by monkey island September 29, 2003
173 72
various activities ranging from aerobic, wieght lifting, combined with a proper diet, lazy fat people would have nothing to complain about, granted they don't have a heart attack of some sort while complaining.

Don't break a sweat trying to read this wouldn't want you passing out before you exercise.
by C-bass503 November 29, 2006
145 73
The verb fat people believe is a myth or fear.
Healthy Guy:Hey fatass, go exercise and drop that bucket of chicken!

Fat Guy:U mite aswel stab me trew da belly.

Healthy Guy:Nah, then all the lard will come out.
by PTRS Noob January 15, 2010
87 31
Actions involving effort that most people reading this would not do.
by Armoured_Potato February 21, 2013
19 9
It's fun to do.
Josh Polywogg said that exercising is fun to do and when Josh told me he was going to exercise I caught him whacking off in my tool shed after he told me he was going out for some exercise.
by Pumping up September 26, 2010
18 27
(verb) to pleasure ones self
im gonna go home and exercise my penis
by a-din September 16, 2008
44 54