An attractive girl you reckon would fit perfectly on your penis
Joe:"Tommy did you see that cute Korean girl?"
Tommy: "yeah she is"
Joe " I think she's a Fitty, I Reckon she would fit perfectly on your tiny penis."
by The answer2.0 September 10, 2010
Noun. (Australian colloquialism):
A small bag of cannabis. Usually costs $50 and weighs around 3.5 grams (an eighth of an ounce). Generally pronounced 'fiddy'.
I'm heading over to old mates to pick up a Fitty.
by Indica Man August 18, 2008
the street way of saying "fifty or 50"
We be loving that fitty cent
by Fizzle the flute June 18, 2006
fucking huge titties
Shes got some fitties on her.
by Brandon Robinson September 28, 2005
Referring to the larger breasts of fat women.
"Damn her fitty popped out chasing the ice cream truck."
by Firaxan April 24, 2007
term used to describe a mid 80's model ford mustang gt, which come with a 5.0 Litre V8
"That nigga flo was swangin his fitty with a blunt in his hand."
by killacalikyle August 05, 2007
scottish slang for football
coming out for a game o' fitty, lads
by rob August 17, 2004

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