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When someone says something stupid, and gets stupid slapped, but their friend wanted to slap them.
Kid 1. Dude think about it 40*20 is 60
Kid 2. NO! (Stupid slap)
Kid 3. I want that.
by josh32393 September 04, 2007
I Want That!: When said to someone male or female, It's notifying that you would want to undergo a steady relationship with the person it's said to. It also compliments them knowing you would try to get at them. It is said in a high pitched voice and usually will stop and get the persons attention to make them stop and think about it until they actually get it.
Michael: "I Want That!"

Lanea: (Pauses..)aww your sweet..

Michael: Will you go out with me?


Michael: But I complimented you...
by Grapes707 August 10, 2011
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