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The Persian King
They overthrew the shah.
by Sarah April 03, 2003
Short for Shahanshah, meaning "King of Kings." The king of a nation, esp. a Persian one. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the Shah of Iran from 1953-1979, when he was overthrown by the Ayatollah Khomeini.
The CIA installed Pahlavi as the Shah of Iran after ousting the Socialist democratic government of Mossadeq.
by VivaLaRevolucion! October 22, 2004
A king, sovereign, prince. The title of the supreme ruler in certain Eastern countries.
Jordan was the Shah of the land.
by Nabeel January 24, 2004
combination of the words 'sure' and 'yah'
'Are you gonna to hang out at the mall tonite?'

by joeypops April 15, 2010
A form of saying yes, yeah, okay, cool, etc.
-Did you catch that episode of SpongeBob last night?!

-SHAH! It was amazing!

by yourewelcome November 13, 2010
The smelliest fish ever
Person 1: "Yo! What's that smell?!"

Person 2: "Ugh, it's Shah again."
by Hannn January 04, 2013
(verb) to woo one of feminine descent and to THINK that they have succeeded.
e.g. "oiiiii mate, you just shah-ed her badd"
by armani exchange loverr January 06, 2010