term used to describe a mid 80's model ford mustang gt, which come with a 5.0 Litre V8
"That nigga flo was swangin his fitty with a blunt in his hand."
by killacalikyle August 05, 2007
scottish slang for football
coming out for a game o' fitty, lads
by rob August 17, 2004
someone who is bisexual.
someone who likes both genders.
someone who likes 50% girls and 50% boys.. hence the name fitty.

a really really popular bisexual.
"Check out Fitty, mackin on both the girls and boys!"

"Hey Fitty! Your fucking awesome!"
by lblock August 10, 2006
fitty- tha so called 'gangsta' wayy of sayin 50 cent, whos tha dumbest biatch in tha history of rap!! n dat mainli coz he wnt from rapin bout gud shit to lollypops n candy..magical sticks evn tho he has nothing COZ HE IS A SHE!!! WHY DONT U STUPID 50CENT FANNYS SEE DAT!????!??!?!?!??????? hava luk in his stupid film clipz while he strips (in preti much evry vid)..he dont hav no magic stick aiiite! n to YOU 50, THE GAME KICKS YO LIL MAFAKIN PUSSY!!! GO THA GAME!! itz BLACKWALL STREET FO LIFE NOW!!!!!!!!
curtis: yo wudup itz fitty
lloyd: daymn fitty u so hoT u so fyne..damn babi all i need is a lil bit *winkkz*
curtis: hehehehe (flirtz) yes ur sxc too *gigglez*
by fulli tabulli ulleh July 20, 2005
The gangsta rapper who grew up in Jamaica Queens, he is the toughest rapper who took nine bullets and will be the best rapper fo eva n eva neva n eva

holla atcha
yo is u fitty.....aka best rappa alive!
by RAPSTER_GURL November 08, 2005
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