Finger; n. -Those things coming out of the end of your arms. Originally named 'Arm-toes.' Designed to hold a beer bottle nicely. Useful weapon for throwing at predators.
'They call them fingers, but I've never seen them fing.'
by F. Johnston August 08, 2007
1. to identify someone by pointing at them with a finger

2. to insert a finger into the vagina or anus

3. an informant who idetifiys someone by pointing them out
That snitch fingered the boss as the culprit in the courtroom.
by Light Joker March 19, 2007
when you're too poor to afford a dildo so you have to improvise and just stick your fingers in your vagina.
i was fingering all night it felt real good and i got all horny.
by hippo February 18, 2005
To stick one or two fingers 3 if the hole calls for it, into a females vaginal opening
dude i "Finger' fucked your mom
by Scotty March 26, 2004
Triggers the release of a deadly gas when pulled
his finger was pulled and damn it stunk. we had to get the county fumigated.
by Slatte October 28, 2006
The thing(s) on the end of your hand(s).
I'm not gonna finger you with this finger.
by Carlito October 06, 2004
the motion of putting one or more of the divisions of your hand (your fingers) into a pussy for whatever reasons, girl's pleasure, boy's pleasure, low self esteem (a girl has nobody to fuck).
man that porno just made her want to finger herself, hot shit.
by Joe March 14, 2004

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