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to massage a woman's clitoris, or to perform sexual actions with your hands to a female's lower body.
"man, i read debbie's brail the other night!"
"dude, i brailed her weeks ago!"
"I bet she goes home and brails herself every night"
by Coco_nutz November 20, 2007
Mysterious hand gesture that looks like a gang sign gone wrong.
That kid ain't no gangsta, hes just throwin' brail around to look cool.
by CarminaPiranha March 01, 2011
bro fail
tippin back a few and one of your friends spills his beer. brail
by papoose1093 August 12, 2011
The little bumps that are around ones nipples, male or female
Dude: I would like to go out with you but if have to ask you something...

Girl: Yes what is it?

Dude:...........Do you have pancake nipples with alot of brail on them??? It really grosses me out!
by FamilyGuyStewie August 03, 2008

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