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A piece of ass. Popularized by the movie "Pootie Tang".
Dag, I'm one horny muhfugga. I gots ta gets me some pootie tang.
by 50 cent crack dealer July 18, 2003
A cat, especially a beloved or comical pet cat. Especially common on Daily Kos.
"oh, great, another pootie diary! bet there are enough pics in it to crash my browser, too!"
by khereva December 16, 2009
Term used by members of for a cat
Pooties and Woozles and Birdies, Oh My!
by aligatore December 16, 2009
a term of endearment often used for a boyfriend
Pootie! I love you!
by pealy healy January 21, 2011
Daily Kos affectionate term for cats or kittens used in daily community diary with lolcat pictures.
The Daily Kos pootie diary
by pootiediary January 02, 2010
A womans pelvic region
I gots ta get me some pootie
by Da White Man September 09, 2003
A polite way of saying butt aka Patootie.
The Pootie Kickers Thirty Day Challenge team is going to kick pootie this year.
by Ono Notme July 23, 2008

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