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To destroy, delete, kill, or otherwise remove.
Nix that photo of me, it's ugly.
by kevnull June 04, 2006
The oposit of YES.
U like?
by Dah-Kuf May 02, 2003
Origin - Iowan Slang, specifically the Loras College area of Iowa.

1. To cancel or postponed
Game is nixed for today, I will let you know about practice here shortly.
by StangNation13 March 30, 2010
Same as *nix, with a missing asterisk usually resulting from laziness.

The abbreviation for a variation of Unix system including:
Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, and even Apple's OSX.

An extremely scalable, simple yet intricate operating system that led a revolution in the computer world, creating a philosophy in itself and eventually dominating the world of servers.
"UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity." - Dennis Ritchie
-from Stevie's definition of unix
Sir, what nix do you use?
by shk March 20, 2006
a charver/chav term for nothing
1. There's nix to do!
2. U got any money?
No I've got nix!
by DianaDeee April 20, 2006
A "Nix" is a name-mix. Anyone can make a name mix for someone else or even themselves, unless the person's name you want to mix is something like "Palanodiakelissoniamallerdinodette Jones" because that name would be a bit hard to mix. If, for instance your friend was names John Dorian you could call him Jorian. A Nix doesn't have to be a Nix of a first and last name, but it could be a first and middle name, two first names or even two people's names mixed together, for instance Brangelina!
A NIX IS : Poppy Miller: Piller Margaret and Lisa: Marsa
Paula Antonia: Ponia Max Lively: Mively
Bridget Jones: Brones or even Bones!
by Pioppy December 12, 2011
To keep nix is an old english boarding school term for keeping a lookout. It is thought to derive from the word that was shouted by said lookout when a housemaster or teacher approached. Younger boys were instructed to "keep nix" while the older boys smoked, drank, buggered each other etc etc.
"I say Jenkins, will you keep nix while I roger young perkins there!"
"Quick run here comes Mr Cooke"
by grazza September 11, 2007