Usually pertains to a group of young women aka filthies. Either in a positive or negative content (almost always negative) is she is in the club she is a automatic filthy. If she has a man then she is a filthy fronter.
mike:Yo Ant u see them filthies up at the bar?
Ant: u know it!
by cuzzomike August 27, 2009
One who is extraordinary at pool.
Oh shit, Sean that filthy mother fucker, makes an amazing come back. After being racked once by Cheng, Sean gives Cheng the dirty chink special and racks Cheng two games in a row.
-New York Times Sports Section Nov 11th,2007
by Superman6969 November 11, 2007
(adj) slang term for someone who is rich, hence the term 'filthy rich'.
duude! You live up in Beverly Hills!!?!? Your parents must be Filthy!!!
by jingles123 January 17, 2011
The male version of MILF

Father, I'd Like to Hump...YEAH!
That guy is totally FILTHY, to bad his wife and kids are around.
by Tybolt December 14, 2009
The act of getting or being extremely drunk.
Damn Toby got filthy last night.

Lucas is filthy....again.

Lets get fuckin filthy tonight dammit.

I wasn't that filthy.
by 10duece November 07, 2007
The act of being down right dirrty, particularly in women.
Hey im having a party tonight, lets get filthy.

oh Ye! damn right lets do it.
by Andyyyy November 23, 2006
Can also be pronounced simply 'Filf' or 'Frilf' (not be be confused with Father I'd like to F**k, or Friends relative I'd like to f**k)

Definition #1
Fithly is a is a term used to describe things that considered cool by some people, usually people on the dole, or in a lower income bracket. That clearly shows they do not aren't very stylish. Some things include; cheap cars with body kits, mullets, wearing motocross jerseys in town, bad makeup and doing burnouts frequent.

Definition #2 (Often used by the lower class people described in definition #1)
Fithly means that something is good, or desirable.

Definition #3
Something that is disgusting, that you never want to come in contact with.

Using the example of two friends, Bob and Cam.
Definition #1
Bob: Look at that car coming down the street.
Cam: That car is so filthy
Bob: Ha ha, sure it.

Definition #2
Bob: Travis Pastrana's double backflip is awesome!
Cam: His Motorbike is so Filthy!

Definition #3
Bob: I just watched 2 Girls 1 Cup
Cam: How can you watch that, it is so filthy
Bob: Yeah, I get nightmares about it
by MrSafety April 05, 2010
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