A word that means cool,fly,phat,or dope.
Usually used when you see something really really cool.
DAMN !!!
Remix'd Evolushun is SOO Filthy !!
by JB? April 04, 2008
A nasty curve ball thrown by Justin Verlander
Justin Verlander strikes out his 14th batter on the game on a filthy curve ball.
by rodallen35 November 21, 2011
In baseball, an unhittable pitch; also nasty.
He struck out on a filthy slider.
by jackets11 June 08, 2009
Baseball parlance for nasty... in a good way.
Sandy Koufax's curveball was absolutely filthy.
by Riseball May 28, 2008
Usually pertains to a group of young women aka filthies. Either in a positive or negative content (almost always negative) is she is in the club she is a automatic filthy. If she has a man then she is a filthy fronter.
mike:Yo Ant u see them filthies up at the bar?
Ant: u know it!
by cuzzomike August 27, 2009
Filthy is said with a loud grouchy voice, and is usually yelled when a fat, ugly or dirty chick walks past.
They also have to hear it being yelled.
filthy chick walks past

Joe: oi stu go, say it man


laughs in fits
by Chuck1990 August 11, 2009
(adj) slang term for someone who is rich, hence the term 'filthy rich'.
duude! You live up in Beverly Hills!!?!? Your parents must be Filthy!!!
by jingles123 January 17, 2011

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