A description of a person that looks like the less attractive version of you. A busted doppelganger.
Michelle (From Seattle): Tiff, that girl down the hall is so your filthy.
Tiffany: She looks like the evil version of me.
by Craigers234 June 13, 2012
A nasty curve ball thrown by Justin Verlander
Justin Verlander strikes out his 14th batter on the game on a filthy curve ball.
by rodallen35 November 21, 2011
In baseball, an unhittable pitch; also nasty.
He struck out on a filthy slider.
by jackets11 June 08, 2009
1. Something thats dirty

2. Frances
Omg Frances is filthy!!
by Edmanlikefood November 10, 2008
A girl who is very attractive in a slightly slutty way. A filthy girl knows it and is usually a bit haughty. Unusually good looking girls who are also bitches (in the sense of very unpleasant to be around) can be described as filthy or filth.
She's shit hot filthy.

Mmmm..... Filth.
by Your mommy's backdoor man December 14, 2010
Filthy is said with a loud grouchy voice, and is usually yelled when a fat, ugly or dirty chick walks past.
They also have to hear it being yelled.
filthy chick walks past

Joe: oi stu go, say it man


laughs in fits
by Chuck1990 August 11, 2009
Baseball parlance for nasty... in a good way.
Sandy Koufax's curveball was absolutely filthy.
by Riseball May 28, 2008
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