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The Dirty Dirty is slang for the dirty sout(texas, tenesee, lousianna, goirga, ect
"Them dirty dirty, show em how the south do!"-words of young buckj
by Caleho February 26, 2005
can be used as region of southern U.S. (Bama, Miss, GA, LA, etc.)

also can mean the wettest city in the South: Atlanta
Mike Vike tore it up in the dirty dirty.
by Jonathan Erwin March 23, 2005
the city of Atlanta (or A-town)
We don't play around in tha dirty-dirty.
by duke15 May 16, 2005
a kickass hardcore metal band from south georgia
"Hey, lets go see dirty dirty tonight."

"Hells Yeah!"
by davis rooks February 19, 2008
When a girl and a guy do sexual things together. Such as feeling around or dry humping.
Pat - "Me and Brit did the dirty dirty last nite"

By Stander - "Awesome! She's a babe, your a lucky man"
by Britrick May 02, 2006
When something is so unbearably disgusting that another dirty needs to be added to the description just for good measure. Often used in a sexual connotation
That mexican stripper was dirty dirty, i really hope my dick doesnt fall off now,
"Did you see that guy barfing into his shirt over there?"
"ya that shit was dirty dirty"
jennifer is a whore, she is dirty dirty

by sam Abrams October 05, 2006
The nickname of night club in Halifax Nova Scotia, called the Dome.
Are we heading to the Dirty Dirty tonight?
by Melissa MacPherson April 27, 2007
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