Wealthy, as in filthy rich.

"Face it, not guilty- that's how I stay filthy. Richer than Ritchie until you n*ggas come to get me."
(Notorious BIG, Hyptonize, 1997.)

Not to be confused with dirty as in possessing narcotics on your person.
We get this record deal, we gonna be livin' filthy son. Word is born.
by Jazzerain7 July 17, 2006
An uncommonly dirty bitch, one who has no moral restraints about their sexuality, and expresses it with everyone.
Man, last night at justin's party Brodie bought these filthy's and made them both go down on me!
by jaX0n November 21, 2005
means unclean, dirty
"don't walk on the carpet, your shoes are filthy!"
by fiona robertson August 09, 2005
Cool, noteworthy, sick, ill, off the hook.
LeBron's dunk was straight-up filthy.
by silentcoug June 09, 2005
Dirty-south, nasty, crusty, dirty, skanky, hoe-bag, douche-nozzle
Teddy told that bitch to kick rocks because she was filthy.
by Jenn Jenn May 18, 2004
A person (usually female) of questionable character, commonly used in a sexual context.
Yose, last night this filthy was tryin' to get all up ons, but I wasn't having it. My boy told me she licked 9 kids last week.
by Creamy McPantsmann April 18, 2004
Used to describe a particularly attractive lady.Or her smelly tits of course.
Man, check out the tits on your one over, Fucking filthy I swear to God.

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