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adj. Possessing narcotics or other illegal substances hidden on your person.

Person 1: The fucking pigs are pulling us over, you clean?

Person 2: Shit-nah n*gga. I'm dirty.

Person 1: Swallow that shit real quick.

Person 2: A'ight
by Jazzerain7 July 17, 2006
Wealthy, as in filthy rich.

"Face it, not guilty- that's how I stay filthy. Richer than Ritchie until you n*ggas come to get me."
(Notorious BIG, Hyptonize, 1997.)

Not to be confused with dirty as in possessing narcotics on your person.
We get this record deal, we gonna be livin' filthy son. Word is born.
by Jazzerain7 July 17, 2006

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