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1- someone who is amazing awesome and random and the best person i ever met.
2- nice, fun, pretty, giving, friendly, amazing, and all around probably the best person in the whole entire world!!
by anonymous408962 December 01, 2008
A freak nuget
dang, stop being a Jodi
by jodi1234 April 07, 2013
A bitch. She's most likely cheating on her boyfriend. She has a horse face & probably has braces & has fat ankles. Fuck you Jodi, you don't deserve to be happy, you walking STD.
"Dude my girlfriend of one year has been cheating on me the whole time!"

"Let me guess, her names Jodi"

by AFriend,Not. June 02, 2013
Very pretty! Smart and is a good mate,
will stick up for her mates. Popular and everyone likes her! One heck of a person
Woahh, she's so cool!
- Yeahh she;s a jodi
by Missing.111 October 08, 2008
Construction worker generic name for the guy who bangs your wife while you are out of town working.
Guy 1: Man, my wife keeps wanting extra money.

Guy 2: Well, yeh, Jodi gets hungry, too!
by gwarg December 22, 2014
To Jodi someone is to talk a random girl into having sexual relations with you, and once you have had your way with her, you toss her naked out of your house/vehicle and abandon her with cruelty. Usually performd on amateur adult websites.
Dude, I was finally able to get with this chick Alicia! But once my nut bust, i didn't even wanna look at her, so I Jodied that broad!
by choymatc19 April 12, 2011
Beautiful; her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Always wanted yet often unattainable. The epitamy of sexual goddessness.
She's a total Jodi.
by 1258 February 02, 2010

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