Filthy A dirty girl who is easy to sleep with.
Dam i hope you didnt catch a disease from that "filthy"
by mike karate February 24, 2008
A girl that sleeps with anyone in your crew if you ask. a.k.a common street filth.

Guy: Marie is coming over!
Guy 2: Why is that good?
Guy : Shes a filthy! she let me and my other friends fuck her in her car then we dropped her off at the gas station
by ShootinD5nukes December 02, 2007
In Santa Cruz; a term to decribe a ugly bitch.
Jared-"Hey whos that?"
Mike-"no man shes filthy"
by J-SC-LOC November 14, 2007
The act of being down right dirrty, particularly in women.
Hey im having a party tonight, lets get filthy.

oh Ye! damn right lets do it.
by Andyyyy November 23, 2006
Wealthy, as in filthy rich.
"Face it, not guilty- that's how I stay filthy. Richer than Ritchie until you n*ggas come to get me."
(Notorious BIG, Hyptonize, 1997.)

We get picked up by this label, we gonna be livin' filthy son. Word is born.
by JGD July 19, 2006
Something that is considered nice, or pleasing to ones opinion.
Did you see that whip? Yea that shit was filthy!
by Art-Dogg October 14, 2005
Something cool, aka tight
those shoes arre filthy
by BabY gIrL October 22, 2003

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