Felching: sucking semen out of vagina or anus; or inserting animals
into anus or vagina.
see "a kilo"
by UnCLe_MeLLoN_BaLLs April 07, 2003
felching is the act of allowing a gerbil to root around in your colon
Bill and Ted had an amazing felching session last night.....till the gerbil got stuck and they wound up in the emergency room
by DanaLMay April 26, 2005
As we all know, felching primarily refers to shoving rodents up one's bum. Of course, we all have an urge to shove a small furry animal up our butt from time to time, but it's dangerous. Richard Gere, for example, was rumoured to have had a sad incident with a hamster, which required a surgeon to get it out.
Felching is used to stimulate the so called male G-spot, which is found somewhere up the anus. Putting the poor rodent in the freezer before inserting him makes him shiver, which makes him act like a vibrator, massaging your G-spot. When he unfreezes, I hope he eats through your colon.
by turkeydurkey July 18, 2016
The practice of inserting a live rodent wrapped in duct tape and smothered in lubricant into one's anus or vagina.
When felching a gerbil, always remember to use plenty of lube.
by JustanAngelino May 07, 2016
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