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Sperm, recently deposited in an anus, sucked back out, usually with the aid of a straw.

Also known as: yoghurting, when a spoon is involved. Because of the spelling, yoghurting appears to be of US origin; unlike the spelling; yogurting, where the expression means something totaly different, about throwing yogurt at windows and cars, etc., usually on an Estate in the UK.

Elton was really satisfied after some yughurting with David. It seemed to excite him far more than the usual frottage they normally engaged in.
Elton was really satisfied after some yughurting with David. It seemed to excite him far more than the usual felching they normally engaged in.
by Jimi p August 11, 2006
A hardcore gay sex act between homosexual males during which the top sucks out the semen he deposited into his partner's anus. Contrary to homophobic belief, the top generally refrains from performing such an act unless the bottom was well douched, the anus appears clean, and no lubricant (or edible lubricant) was used. Also note that felching is not a popular homosexual act as most gay men do not enjoy the taste of their own semen.
When Joey walked into the gym locker room, he couldn't help but get an erection after stumbling upon a beefy football jock felching out a hairy daddybear's tight butt.
by Horny Joey January 26, 2009
Felching is rooting around your butt for stuff. But you probably already knew that. I'm just gonna tell you how to use it in a sentence in nice company to see if they're game.
For example when you're waiting in line at a movie, you can say "does anybody know where "Felching in Bukakistan" is playing?
by bozo_de_niro June 20, 2010
Felching, The Act Of Drinking Man Paste Inside An Orafice Like The Anus Or Vagina.
Darren Indulged In Felching With Russel
by Anus Dwelling Hippy March 27, 2007
To blow your hot, creamy load into your partner's anal orifice, then removing the aforementioned cream with your mouth, only to make out with your partner.
by Kojack September 26, 2003
The act of ejaculating into your partner's rectum and then sucking it out and spitting it into their mouth.
Miss Felching really lived up to her name!
by Testacleez August 15, 2009
To extract the ejaculated deposit of semen from your lovers anus with a soft straw like tube.
.clear fuel line from Pep Boys
.motorcycle fuel line from any motorcycle shop
"Alex, where are the new felching tubes you just got from "Fun Bike Center"? You're going to want one later."

"I'm going to felch that cum right out of your sisters ass tonight after we fuck!"

"Next time get it in 12 inch lengths so I can shove at least half of it right up your ass!"
by Blake Dremmel February 12, 2008