the action of sucking the juice from someones ass.
by Joe April 12, 2003
sucking cum from others arse
my friend argies favourite activity with his boyfriend after he hs shot his load he sucks it from his arse with a straw
by anton March 07, 2005
the homesexual act of inserting first a paper towel holder tube into the other parterns anus, and after the tube has been inserted all the way into the anus, taking a small furry animal, ie. a gerbil, and putting it into the paper towel tube that has been fully inserted into the anus, then just watching the hillarity insue.
last night heron was felching with mike and the gerbil got stuck.
by the_nugget April 07, 2009
Sucking out or licking one's seminal fluid from their partner's rectum, perhaps along with some other tasty juices and fecal treats.
Felching my dog is mmm mmm good.
by MADMarmot May 22, 2005
when you do her up the ass and then lick it out after!
I felched my mama, and it was good!
by bug eyed bob September 08, 2003
Felching: sucking semen out of vagina or anus; or inserting animals
into anus or vagina.
see "a kilo"
by UnCLe_MeLLoN_BaLLs April 07, 2003
felching is the act of allowing a gerbil to root around in your colon
Bill and Ted had an amazing felching session last night.....till the gerbil got stuck and they wound up in the emergency room
by DanaLMay April 26, 2005

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