anything constructed from felt.
fedorable housing is much easier to heat, and reduces carbon footprints. With the increasing number of hats showing up at estate sales, this is perhaps more important than what is happening in the middle east.
The way a cat measures up a piece of territory before he sprays it with his signature musk.
Morris fixed his feline gaze on the new boyfriend, and thought to himself:
"as soon as they're asleep, I'm gonna spray his jeans and leather jacket. They look expensive and delightfully fedorable!"
by Felix the territorial cat February 16, 2008
1)What you do to a fever
2)Types of wood that termites and carpenter ants favor.
1)The prisoners at Paris island suffered from malaria because they drank water contaminated with their own feces. They were completely fedorable.
2)Termites find many woods fedorable. It is best to build from granite.
by Popparotsi February 16, 2008
something that tastes great when boiled. A Canuck delicacy.
The Lafleur family sat down to a fedorable dinner of boiled cabbage.
by Francois Mitterand February 19, 2008
able to withstand large amounts of bullshit. The person is often the one in a group who gets the low down on a situation.
Jesse was disagreeable, but certainly fedorable. Whenever someone was telling us lies, her bullshit meter went on high alert. Jesse always got the best drugs, and was never busted.
by the monkeys paw February 14, 2008
outside the jurisdiction of the state and local authorities.
California should never have attempted to regulate greenhouse gases on it's own. It's just fedorable.
by Ralphs nadir February 17, 2008
A mispelling of the word fedurable, which is what happens any government program in the federal governments hands. The funds for it are quickly siphoned off to the friends of the party in power ***cough***Bush!***cough!***
The money Fedor brought to buy drinks for the ladies quickly vanished, and he went home to pull his pud. It was a fedorable outcome.
by mumsy wus her husband February 12, 2008
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