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When one of your friends in your circle decides to start wearing a fedora thinking it ups their "cool factor".
Larry thinks he is so fedorable and cool now that he has tried to own wearing a fedora.
by Uberhipster1111 July 19, 2012
A word used to describe the best-looking fedora (which is a type of hat from the 1800's that regained popularity in cinema in the 1940's and which has remained a staple in fashion society until present day). This word, popularized by the gay community, is derived from "fedora" and "adorable."
Chris: Oh my gosh, Drew! You look sooo fedorable!
Drew: Alright, thanks but keep it in your pants.
by NoMSG September 14, 2010
The act of being, and or, looking adorable while wearing a fedora.
I love this hat. I look so fedorable!
by jojojojojosie343 July 24, 2011
adj (of a person)- when someone looks adorable while wearing a fedora.
guy 1- did you see mr. bernardi in his fedora yesterday?
guy 2- yeah he was fedorable!
by jkoihilu December 13, 2011
When a guy wears a fedora in an adorable manner
He looks so fedorable wearing that hat.
by obstaclespecialist December 11, 2011
(N)Someone who encapsulates all the true capabilities of being adorable while simultaneously wearing a fashionable fedora hat.
"Wow, that girl in the red shirt really looks fedorable today. I should go talk to her."
by MateoDiAmor August 20, 2011
When you wear a fedora and look adorable.
Kath:I like that hat!

Erin:thanks im fedorable.
by preppy61 November 03, 2010