What can be removed through liposuction
The doctor managed to remove most of the fat cells, but managed to find some walnuts and jerky that fortunately was not fedorable.
by Little Red Robin Hood February 26, 2008
An opening that can be opened to the point of tearing.
A bag of chips must be made fedorable enough to get at the treats inside without flinging them violently across the rest party-goers standing by the kitchen counter.
by UD smuggler May 28, 2009
Able to be smelled from a great distance.
Angela's fart in Soho was fedorable enough to be detected by her Collie in Brooklyn.
by Fletus July 22, 2009
it's like adorable but for someone who wears a fedora because they got a bad haircut and they are trying to cover it up.
OMG! Jesse thinks he's so fedorable in that stupid hat.
by Hola_I'm_Lola June 18, 2008
A word to be used condescendingly as an insult for 'nice guys' and the kind of boys who would complain about being put in the friendzone.
Well, aren't you so fedorable. Please never talk to me again.

PERSON 1: "I've been being nice to her, I don't get why she won't hook up with me"
PERSON 2: *pinches cheeks, baby voice* "You're so fedorable."
by realsparky March 09, 2014
Dervived from the words "fedora" and "adorable"

1. A form of adorable even more adorable than adorable.

2. A type of adorable that only comes when wearing Fedora's or equally acceptable hats: ie. top-hats and berrets.
"Oh my gosh! Constantine is just to fedorable for words!"

"Did you see Chloe in that hat? She's so fedorable!"
by buggzbunny63 January 14, 2014
When one of your friends in your circle decides to start wearing a fedora thinking it ups their "cool factor".
Larry thinks he is so fedorable and cool now that he has tried to own wearing a fedora.
by Uberhipster1111 July 19, 2012

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