outside the jurisdiction of the state and local authorities.
California should never have attempted to regulate greenhouse gases on it's own. It's just fedorable.
by Ralphs nadir February 17, 2008
furry and green with a brackish flavor.
I coughed up a fedorable lung cookie
by sheriff of nottingham February 25, 2008
transmittable through flea bites and ingestion of inhalation of bat guano.
The people of Florence fled to their hillside palazzos in the summer due to the fedorable spread of the plague.
by sheriff of nottingham February 25, 2008
a place you'd like to insert your finger.
Robert was down fiddling around with Marisa's v-jamma but was distracted by that fedorable balloon knot of hers. He didn't see a lock on that emergency exit.
by Robert Gottlieb February 17, 2008
something that can be removed with a luffa sponge, or by dermabrasion.
For years I had this awful dead patch on the tip of my foreskin, but my astrologist took one look at it and proclaimed,"That is simply fedorable!" She gave me a few strokes with her pumice bar, and I was as smooth and tender as a baby's bottom.
by Little Red Robin Hood February 26, 2008
sassy and cutting edge look that resembles the lodge hats that your grandfather wore. The weaselly guy from the first Mummy comes to mind, you know, the one eaten by bugs.
Ashley felt a little sorry for Justin, but that lousy haircut made him look kinda fedorable. Out of sympathy, she tolerated a blumpkin from him, then went back to her desk. It was just the thing to take both their minds off the awful morning they were having at work.
by Vidal Sassoon January 11, 2008
Inspiring great affection while simultaneously be reminded of Kevin Federline, French from the Latin <i><b>fadorabilis</b></i>, from the <i>verb</i> <b><i>fedorare</i></b> see <b>fedore</b>
Sarah's boyfriend looked so fly, she shouted to him from across the gymnasium, "you are so fedorable!"
by Wasabi Rex February 15, 2008

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