Top Definition
pronounced "fart"

a finger heart; a heart made with your fingers
Girl: I couldn't scream "I love you" so I flashed im a feart.
by meggypieeee November 08, 2008
To be scared/afraid
Ross was feart to tell Kelly about cheating on her.
by Jonay1990 August 17, 2009
Gas brought on by fear
I got the fearts when I sky dived
by heyitskory January 27, 2015
Fear of farting

1- Needing to fart real bad, but having to conceal it due to your surroundings.

2- Manipulation of the fart to be less audible.
Jens lunch consisted of beans and cabbage. She then had an important meeting to attend. She had to cough a few times, and adjust herself in her seat so she could feart.
by johnny dildonics August 07, 2009

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