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Pick up your virgin girl, and make sure her legs are wrapped around your waist. Position your erect cock to the entrance to her honey pot. Proceed to jump into the air and slam her down on the floor, completely shattering her hymen and/or intestines with your cock.
-=THUD=- WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?! The guy upstairs likes to give his ladies the Virgin Suplex.
by Johnny Dildonics February 01, 2008
when having intercourse in the doggy position, pick up your phone, and call a friend. when you friend picks up the phone, pull out and slip your member into your lovers ass. make sure the phone is close to your lover's face to receive the "yelp" or scream. proceed to hang up the phone, and finish without her knowledge of anything happening.
i got a call from anthony, but all i heard was moaning, then a scream. He must have given her the pitman surprise.
by johnny dildonics January 28, 2008
Fear of farting

1- Needing to fart real bad, but having to conceal it due to your surroundings.

2- Manipulation of the fart to be less audible.
Jens lunch consisted of beans and cabbage. She then had an important meeting to attend. She had to cough a few times, and adjust herself in her seat so she could feart.
by johnny dildonics August 07, 2009

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