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The great Starcraft Clan - FD; Fiery Death. Led By Ezekiel and Afmedafro and found on USWest

It has a first commander called Jules who frequently makes quips such as ririri or whoa yeah or RUN LIKE A ZERGLING.
"What clan are you in?" says noob
"FD," says Jules
"WOW you are so gosu"
"Whoa Yeah!"
by LeSteR March 08, 2004
80 78
A degree earned after a Master's Degree. F.D.'s can only be earned through multiple lessons on the internet. Though this degree is often used to insult one's ability in a certain subject.

F.D. does not stand for anything besides F Degree.
Dr. Smurf has a F.D. in SHIT. Thus, he must know a lot on the subject of SHIT.
by Papa Smurffffffffffffffffffff August 14, 2009
3 2
An abbreviation for "Fucking Dipshit" or "Fucking Douche" or "Fucking Dumbass" or...... etc. you can probably think of a ton more.

This is a word that usually describes a dumb jock at your school or workplace or one of those wiggas hanging around the skatepark.
random dumb jock: "lol i just watched Sex and the City wit my mom"
regular person 1: "yeah, you would watch that wit ur mom"
regular person 2: "yeah, youre such a FD"
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008
17 16
fair does
do u like mushroom because im cooking that for tea
oh fd
by JG!)) January 03, 2012
2 2
a) noun - an abbreviation of the term "fine dining"
b) adjective - a term referring to individuals/things/situations that are cool, attractive, the best, elite, sexy, and/or just generally fucking awesome
c) ali syed
a) we had dinner at eleven madison park last night; it was so FD.

b) damn gurl, your badonkadonk is FD.
by charlesbass August 19, 2011
7 7
short for "fuck dat," spelled like "fuck that" sounds as it comes out of the mouth of many Polocks on the south side of Milwaukee, WI
"Hey, do you want to go on a 5 mile jog with me tomorrow morning?"

"F.D., I'll be way too hungover to pull something like that."
by Alex Fojtik July 20, 2009
4 4
To fail with dishonesty; worst than failing because the person knows what they are saying is not true and/or have no faith in the statement.
Cheney " Torture makes America safer."

by jjthekid September 01, 2009
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