Dez means a wonderful thing. basicly name that is given to an outgoing, joyfull person. its a girls name. and it also has a root meaning sexy.
DAMN you look like a dez.
by desreeqt1 October 16, 2007
One of NYC's greatest graffiti legends. Now known as "DJ Kay Slay". Now.. this is when he was dope, he has obviusly sold out now to the top 40 rap culture, but before all that he was a true subway crusher. He was in the legendary movie "Style Wars" 1982. A legend, and a hero. Peace
Damn... I give my props to all that cats on Style wars, Skeme, Dez, Trap, Revolt, Zephyr, Min One, Dondi, Shy 147, Iz, Cap, etc, they are all legends and should never be forgotten.
by Hamydeez April 16, 2004
Nickname for a funny,intelligent,cute,charming,outgoing and popular boy. Most girls would kill to have him by their side.
"Her boyfriend is a Dez,he's a total keeper"
by minnie06 January 03, 2014
A very outgoing, popular , fun, smart boy. Very handsome and charming but is not conceded. Usually gets insecure at times but always manages to put on a smile. He is there for others and is one of the greatest friends you'll ever meet ✌️
Wow your like a Dez
by Dontuluvmeh December 25, 2014
Abbreviation of Derro just meaning ugly,poor,low social status and slang
Micheal is the biggest Dez
by kizza01 July 15, 2008
disgusting, diseased, rank, foul, putred, gross.
"man, oprah winfrey is fucking dez!"
"yeah shes as attractive as a bucket full of assholes"
by P.Rickshaw October 05, 2007
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