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To give some one the glove is basically to screw them over or put them in a compromised position. ALso it can be used when someone has been given a task requiering much manual labour. The glove can be given to anyone at anytime for anything. It can also be used like this: "I've been gloved".
Frank: Looking at a huge pile of bricks he must move says" "I think i just got handed the glove"

Frank: I've been gloved.

Boss: I'm gonna give u the glove.
by George_Glover May 13, 2007
push your fist into the anus, then slowly stretch out your hand like you would in a latex glove
chelsea says fisting is nothing till youve felt the glove
by jeajeajeajea April 26, 2007
The Glove is the evil archnemisis of stoners everywhere. He is a metaphysical representation of anti-stoners, and he is always out to get you. his minions come in many forms, so be wary lest he initially deceives you.
I believe that suspicious gas station attendant was a minion of the glove!
by Jarvis Dimambrosauce February 17, 2008
A Rubber, or Condom, or Prophylactic.
And abbreviation for GayLove.
Used to bitch slap those that are deserving of such treatment.
Resident Pit Bitch and or Pillow Biter.
Sven's personal ass-istant and hand warmer
I can't get no love unless I'm wearing TheGlove.
by Rock Hard October 20, 2005
Defn: Another name for the game plan for a night. The plans for any situation.

Derived from the nickname of longtime NBA player, Gary Payton, whose nickname is the Glove, and whose initials are GP. GP = Game Plan or Gary Payton = The Glove.
roommate 1: Hey man, what's the glove for tonight?

roommate 2: Let's drink some beers, watch American Gladiators, then go to the bar.
by Kelly, Brian February 11, 2008
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