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A phrase used to express ones decision not do something (E.g. eating a gross looking food, doing a chore, going somewhere, etc...)
Tom: Hey, do you want to go see Beverly Hills Chihuahua with me.
George: Fuck dat shit.

Boss: Take out the trash
Employee: Fuck dat shit.
by Nochedeleche December 02, 2010
When something occurs during the onset of one's puberty that makes him or her want to vomit in frustration.
Boy: "Hey, you want to hang out tonight?"
Girl: "I can't, I'm hanging out with my friends."
Boy: "fuckdatshit."
by Homeboy Perez July 14, 2014
Southwest Atlanta = Fuck that shit, don't worry about it.
Shawty, should i pay my baby momma or go to the club? Awwwww, fuckdatshit we finna go to the club
by Bastard January 22, 2004

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