a total hottie, generally used when spotting hot guys with friends.
"Did you see that guy, a total fcuk. I thought I was going to have an orgasm just by staring at him."
by i am cool May 06, 2005
Top Definition
1) brand name : french connection united kingdom
2) spelling of fuck common when bad language filters are present
3) alternate spelling of fuck
1) Did you see the FCUK shirt she was wearing?
2&3) What the fcuk are you doing?
by Kirbee June 13, 2004
A brand advertising dyslexic sex
FCUK is for the intelectually and morally challenged
by emily laura August 12, 2005
Fashion/Apparel company that used a contrived acronym (French Connection United Kingdom) to allow them to create a logo that looked like a common expletive at first glance. A typical example of the desperate and murky depths to which modern marketing vermin will sink to make a buck.
Anyone who buys fcuk gear is a brainwashed cretin who falls for pathetic marketing ploys.
by Mystikan March 25, 2004
Stands for the designer label 'French Connection United Kingdom'
"I just got a new top from FCUK"
by dw March 23, 2003
The abbreviation for the over-priced, yuppified clothing store "French Connection United Kingdom" -- sells shirts that say "Too Busy to F.C.U.K" or "F.C.U.K. It"
"Like, oh-my-God! I have this $200 gift certificate from F.C.U.K. and I so do not know what to buy!"
by Ally Ooops October 26, 2003
An intentional misspelling of the word "fuck", and since the spelling of the word itself is "fucked up", it is used to emphasis one's point when using it in such context.
George: "Yo, dwag, have you seen 2Girls1Cup yet?"
Steven: "Yeah, man, that is fcuked up."
by Charlesly July 10, 2010
1. french connection united kingdom

2. fit chick unbelievalbe knockers
girl: ooh, i need to buy some clothes, i'll go to fcuk.

guy 1: check out that fcuk!
guy 2: nice!
by g4000 July 19, 2009
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