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the act of having sex with prostitutes or other unsavory ladies in order to gain sexual experiance
guy: my girlfriend is going to think im wierd for being bad at sex

friend: go have sex with some prozzys. its called the hood rats rule.
by g4000 August 04, 2009
a person who's bodys is made up of 50%lard 40%water 10%carbon
guy: did you see that? that mega-lardass ate the whole buffet table.
by g4000 April 03, 2009
1. french connection united kingdom

2. fit chick unbelievalbe knockers
girl: ooh, i need to buy some clothes, i'll go to fcuk.

guy 1: check out that fcuk!
guy 2: nice!
by g4000 July 19, 2009
when a mega-lardassleaves a seat, it's the smell, sweat and residual fat energy left behind.
Guy 1: im think some fatty fat fat has been sitting in this chair, it's wet, smells and i have a craving for lard.

Guy 2: yeah the guy weighed like 30 stone. that's his after-fat.
by g4000 February 24, 2009
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