a word used to replace fuck when faced with having to tell the truth about having sex with a person even though you did'nt, but you still want others to believe that you slept with that person. .. . so it is kind of used as a verbal substitute for "fuck".
alex - hey george i heard from james that you totally did it with ashley last friday ?

george - yea man I totally *cough* fcuked *cough* her . ehm... last friday ..yea

alex - yo .. you caught cold or something ?

george - yea man we did it outside in the pool ....*cough*
by allionus13 January 24, 2011
French Connection United Kingdom
The most un-urban brand of clothing out there. If you wear or like this clothing you should be using the suburbandictionary.com.
FCUK has spawned a world-wide race of young, highly similar, coffee-drinking euro-trash.
by Diego November 21, 2003
The exactly wrong way to spell "fuck"
by boobs July 20, 2003
a shirt my mom wouldnt let me get b/c she thought it ment fuck
see above
A special division of the British Secret Service.
I work for the F.C.U.K., stopping refugees so they can't get asylum in Britain.
by Francis Coppola October 17, 2003
mispelling of "fuck"
ahaha look at all you morons, you think fcuk is a real word
by poop June 10, 2003
means french connection UK, but scllies think it says: go f**k the c**t of your muther
oi you, go FCUK
by insitiona December 08, 2003

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