1. A complete and total balls up,
2. A more politically, socially acceptable use or pronunciation of the word "Fuck".
The Pope arrived in Saudi Arabia and upon kissing the tarmac on the runway was heard to remark, "Do you ever sweep this fcuking place?".
by Dr. Ryan January 29, 2003
Pronounced fook-uck, this is a term used to describe the popular townie clothing range. Also popular with wannabe townies and occasionally skownies.
"Hey, turd monkey, why the obsession with fcuk?"
by Stephen W. Thomas October 13, 2004
means french connection UK, but scllies think it says: go f**k the c**t of your muther
oi you, go FCUK
by insitiona December 08, 2003
to be of apparent annoyance; to cause loss of enjoyment
FCUK that guy is a fucking wanker.
by #p April 04, 2003
the name of a "new and popular" purfume
hey girl, i just got this new perfume called fcuk, tell me what u think.
by gena raquel June 09, 2005
a scented perfume used to be imposible to say, go on ahead and try, i dare yea.....pussy.
ima fcuk u up! tito pass me my perfume!
by Kimberly August 10, 2003
a total hottie, generally used when spotting hot guys with friends.
"Did you see that guy, a total fcuk. I thought I was going to have an orgasm just by staring at him."
by i am cool May 06, 2005

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