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a good way to hit a girl's g-spot
oooh baby just like that! fuck me harder!
by boobs June 01, 2003
When fat gatheres around a man's chest, forming what looks like breasts but is in fact just fat on a man.
I'll pwn you m00b
by boobs July 24, 2003
To fart, in the bad way.
Did you just rip one?
by Boobs April 09, 2003
I would like to suck on some chichis.
by boobs March 17, 2003
something i say when i am really horny
i want you so bad, fuck me now, i am begging for it
by boobs June 01, 2003
The most threatening phrase that a Frenchman can utter without instantly surrendering to the sound of his own voice.
"Rahul stop punching that French guy repeatedly in the face or he shall taunt you a second time"
by boobs July 28, 2003
i cute substitute for ok or okay
billly: i love modern mechanical excellence

kelsey: okie
by boobs March 21, 2005
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